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This Blend is designed to have in a single infusion all the natural elements for an effective support to our organism in its process of elimination of toxins, providing other ingredients that additionally improve the restoration of the cellular balance of our body.


In a base of Pu-Erh red tea, which combines a series of herbs and fruits to achieve the perfect combination in a single cup of tea, which allows us to eliminate toxins and chemicals that could be accumulated in our filter organs such as liver and kidneys, thus improving their performance and additionally provide a series of essential micronutrients for the care of our system.


Let's talk about the properties of its ingredients:


Pu-Erh red tea: from the South of China, which is actually another variety of green tea (Camellia Sinensis) and that thanks to the fermentation process to which the tea leaves are subjected reduces the amount of tannic acids, giving us excellent benefits since it is ideal in slimming diets since it clearly reflects its recognized qualities, which is why it has become a natural drink that cannot be lacking in slimming diets.


In fact, Yunnan University carried out a scientific study in which they found that their participants, after consuming 4 cups of Pu Erh tea a day for 3 months, had lost weight and reduced body fat. What's more, they found that those people who had a high rate of obesity lost up to 9 kilos in just one month.


Within its properties we have that it is:


  • Useful against LDL cholesterol and triglycerides.
  • Improves the digestion of fats and is digestive.
  • It helps reduce blood glucose, so its consumption is suitable in case of diabetes (as long as it is not in excessive amounts).

It prevents mild depression by acting on the central nervous system and improving mood.

Antibacterial action useful to protect our body against infections.

Useful as a cleanser and detoxifier, helping to eliminate toxins.

However, we must add that due to its theine content it stimulates the central nervous system and causes an increase in blood pressure. Reason why its consumption is not suitable in case of high blood pressure or during pregnancy.


Dandelion: excellent liver detoxifier, anti-inflammatory, controls blood sugar levels, cholesterol and blood pressure.

Nettle: Detoxifier, criculation aid, urinary tract, cholesterol and antianemic.

Milk Thistle: liver cleanser and protector, diuretic and anti-inflammatory

Moringa: detoxifying, alkalizing, multivitamin, blood sugar reducer.

Black cherries, blackberries and edelberries: antioxidants

Horsetail: diuretic par excellence and detoxifier of heavy metals.

Madre Selva: purifier of the organism, helps to eliminate liquids, liver protector and respiratory system.

Rosehip: lowers cholesterol, sugar and improves joint pain

Jamaica: helps eliminate kidney stones, antioxidant and helps weight loss.


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Tea Detox

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